Getting the Truth From the Horse’s Mouth, a podcast reccy

If [the tweet] has “God, guns, and the American flag,” we assume it’s a Russian bot because who talks like that? Who talks about God?

-Twitter engineer in charge of direct messaging

The Rubin Report podcast episode Project Veritas & Lies in the Media (James O’Keefe Interview)

Project Veritas does undercover reporting with hidden cameras to get the truth from inside sources who risk their safety and livelihoods.

Obscuring the truth

Why does mainstream news only tell

One story

With one angle

Over and over again

Duplicating phrasing?

Can that be the whole story?

Even car accidents have multiple viewpoints; shouldn’t more nuanced topics and events have more than one perspective as well?

Why it matters

Parents, teachers, and influencers base our opinions and what we tell kids on what the media tells us. But our information is wrong if the media is




What is true? What if the knowledge creators lie? And policy and legislation are based on the protected, perpetuated lie? What if authority figures defend the lie and attack anyone who asks questions?

Then, we are not teaching critical thinking or reasoning.

We are indoctrinating.

Preparing the next generations for fascist government rule






leaving only




Featured image by British Library on Flickr.

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