My Fat Pants Don’t Fit; Am I Still a Runner?

In the past two years, I’ve moved, worked through personal issues, my teenagers changed sports, and we adopted a dog. My weekly mileage plunged from high 40s to 10. Yes, 10 measly miles, and that’s an up week. Our new neighborhood is flatter, 25-30 minutes farther from my run group who I haven’t seen in… Continue reading My Fat Pants Don’t Fit; Am I Still a Runner?

5 Reasons to Befriend a Runner

Why would I talk to that runner over there? Don't think of him as a runner, think of him as a scantily-dressed person on a quest for self-improvement. Emotional health, forming a friendly not adversarial relationship with running, and joining a running group all count. Running is one of the easiest ways to work on… Continue reading 5 Reasons to Befriend a Runner