Before Trying to Change the World, Know This

Stop being led by the nose doing others' bidding. Go see the world through your own eyes, then decide how you fit into it.

Mr. Rogers, We Need You

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? A Fred Rogers documentary, 2018 “Love is at the root of everything.” Fred Rogers Why you should watch it: To be reminded of Mr. Rogers’ message that we all deserve loveTo see what someone giving his undivided time and attention looks and feels likeTo remember a great man who helped… Continue reading Mr. Rogers, We Need You

Prioritizing and Celebrating

Merry Christmas! Did you miss me? No? Good? That means you’re busy doing meaningful stuff with your family and friends and staying off the computer. Congratulations on prioritizing. We are holidaying minimally. A few gifts, one get-together, no decorations. The kids could decorate if they wanted, I’ve given them a budget. We usually do handmade… Continue reading Prioritizing and Celebrating

Old is a Mindset, Not a Number

What is Old? Is it 50? 60? Surely 70 or 80 is old. Or is it? My running friends Mike, Keith, and Tom, are all in their mid-70s. All regularly run distances longer than ten miles; two also run trails. They are faster, with more mileage than most runners of any age. Most of my… Continue reading Old is a Mindset, Not a Number