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Tap into Your Power of Creation with The Energy Codes Author, Dr. Sue Morter, a podcast reccy

Ryback talks with Dr. Sue Morter, author of The Energy Codes about the power of attention, intention, and belief to shape emotions, attitudes, and opportunities.

Thoughts are energy that is less packed together.

-Dr. Sue Morter

Although this sounds like metaphysical woowoo, quantum theory has shown that paying attention to matter does change its behavior. In 1998, the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel showed electrons changing from wave-like movements to particle behavior once they were monitored.

This explains why people can sense desperation or anger or excitement in others without them saying a word. Thoughts and feelings affect energy, which is detected by others. (I ordered this book today and will post a review when I am finished.)

We are the energy that is creating this life experience.

-Dr. Sue Morter

Morter’s perspective on this topic explains how people who come to the United States with nothing can create an empire. Cesar Milan and Andrew Carnegie are just two examples. Oprah is a homegrown example.

They weren’t smarter or better looking or richer at the start than any of their peers. Their difference was their focus, intention, attitude, and taking advantage when luck goes their way.

This means that we can all change our fate.

Imagine your parenting power when you teach your kids they are creators rather than victims.

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