Connect and Endure Through Stories

Limited moments spin away while we busily attend to details and dive into our phones. Zap! The kids are moving out, getting married, starting careers. Zap! Someone suffers a stroke, someone falls, what is our plan for aging? Zap! We’re gone. image by Ann Fisher on flickr Sit down with someone you know who is… Continue reading Connect and Endure Through Stories

My Fat Pants Don’t Fit; Am I Still a Runner?

In the past two years, I’ve moved, worked through personal issues, my teenagers changed sports, and we adopted a dog. My weekly mileage plunged from high 40s to 10. Yes, 10 measly miles, and that’s an up week. Our new neighborhood is flatter, 25-30 minutes farther from my run group who I haven’t seen in… Continue reading My Fat Pants Don’t Fit; Am I Still a Runner?