Quotes about Mistakes and Comparison

Create something and make mistakes, because you will actually learn so much more that way. Look for inspiration in others but don't compare yourself to them because that can be a blocker on your path.Linh, self-taught LEGO software engineer freeCodeCamp podast episode #74 Ep. 74: From biochemical engineer to software engineer at LEGO Image by… Continue reading Quotes about Mistakes and Comparison

“Go play outside!”

The Art of Manliness podcast #532: How to Create a Neighborhood Where Kids Play Outside Terrific interview with Mark Lanza, author of Playborhood: Turn Your Neighborhood Into a Place of Play. He wanted to bring back the archaic practice of kids playing outside. So he did. And he wrote a book to help you do… Continue reading “Go play outside!”

Psych, the TV Series: a Prescription for Cynicism

Are you weary of all the social bickering and political unrest? Take a fun break and watch an episode or two of super silly USA series Psych. All eight seasons now available on Amazon Prime. James Roday, DulĂ© Hill (also co-producers), and a terrific supporting cast entertained fans for eight seasons, until 2014. What about… Continue reading Psych, the TV Series: a Prescription for Cynicism

Quote on Programming

...to stick out as an applicant, you should contribute to open source. Don't be afraid to fail...Programming is tough in the beginning. If you push through that, you're going to make it happen. -Joe Previte, front-end developer Episode 72, freeCodeCamp Podcast If you ever thought, "maybe," about coding but you just aren't sure, this is… Continue reading Quote on Programming

Craft and Conversation Coexisting: a blog link

I love how this knitter explained what's wrong with limiting fiber artists' conversations to craft, and why it's okay to disagree. Please visit Mad Man Knitting for more. Your Turn What is your craft? Do you have a social craft group that meets virtually or in-person? Is conversation limited to craft or impersonal, safe topics?… Continue reading Craft and Conversation Coexisting: a blog link

20 Middle School Book Recommendations from a College Student

I recently reviewed two books with a middle school boy audience. The resulting "Fictional Character" article enticed my older daughter to offer suggestions for middle school readers. I like adventure and fantasy books with journeys. -the college student Books for reluctant middle school readers Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows… Continue reading 20 Middle School Book Recommendations from a College Student

Mastering Your Greatest Communication Tool, a podcast reccy

podcast This unusual podcast covers a variety of interesting, helpful topics. Roger Love, voice coach to the stars and author of Set Your Voice Free, tells listeners how to adjust and project their voice to varying effect, including projecting their true selves. The Art of Manliness podcast, episode #506: How to Improve Your Speaking Voice