Quote on Every Official’s Promise to Uphold the Constitution

There is no greater obligation or responsibility of any government officer than to protect the rights of the people. Thus, any conduct contrary to the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or the Bill of Rights will be dealt with as criminal activity.

Resolution No. 2021-19, Elko County Board of Commissioners, Elko County, Nevada, passed and adopted June 2, 2021

Did you know that everyone appointed or elected to government office swears to uphold the Constitution?

That includes the President, the Speaker of the House, the Chief of Police, and members of your City Council. But how many of them keep their word?

This oath means that protecting citizens’ rights is the most important part of the job. Not filling out paperwork, following rules, or forming alliances and coalitions.

Protecting. Our. Rights.

Everything else follows.

Elko and Lander counties in Nevada take this promise seriously enough to criminally prosecute any violations. Seems like a simple solution to much of our current woes; follow the law, uphold the Constitution.

Could other states and counties do the same? Why not? Read more here.

Photo from The Epoch Times

Post image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.

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