And Now, A Break

I’ve been talking a lot about bad C-words: ChinaChinese Communist PartyCCP VirusCOVID-19CoronavirusCommunism My Toastmasters Club Vice President-Education had a good suggestion: positive C-words! So let’s give it a go: cakecoffeechocolatecheesecakeChristChristmasclubcuddlecaresscold drinkcarecurryclancorn-on-the-cobcowscherriescobblerchilicarpentercabinclean (adj.)chirp Your turn. Got any more? Image by deluxtrade from Pixabay

Social Media Marketing Gives Customers What They’re Already Looking For

easter eggs in grass

Previously, I have written about the lack of barriers to learning, exploring, and communicating. This video on social media marketing is a good example of how businesses and entrepreneurs can use social media marketing, strategically and at no cost, to reach customers in their happy places: online and in social media, where they devote hours… Continue reading Social Media Marketing Gives Customers What They’re Already Looking For

Providing Effective Testimony with a Great Speech I’m always fascinated to see and learn from great speakers. Abby Johnson testified at a Kentucky State hearing for the Hearbeat Bill, SB9. What did she do as a speaker that was so compelling the bill received a unanimous vote? Humanized the abortion processUsed understandable, active wordsMade constant eye contactVaried her tone and paceSpoke… Continue reading Providing Effective Testimony with a Great Speech

Hitting Helps: a Podcast About Parkinson’s The Art of Manliness Podcast, episode #562: How Boxing Can Fight Parkinson's Disease Nurse and Boxer Aaron Sloan coaches Parkinson's patients in his Tulsa, Oklahoma boxing gym, Engine Room Boxing. He talks about how boxing benefits his clients and plans to train other boxing gyms in the program. Featured image by Shaun Bell on… Continue reading Hitting Helps: a Podcast About Parkinson’s

A Most Human Urge

[essay edited on same day] The pooch and I went on an easy trail run last week. Most of the time we stick to paved telephone access roads in this area, but occasionally we'll venture onto dirt biker and off-roading motorcyclist-hewn paths that wind around the gulch, shooting up to the lip before plunging back… Continue reading A Most Human Urge