Agree to Disagree: Challenging Our Assumptions

Have you read anything here you disagreed with? Great! It means you are hearing another viewpoint—congratulations—and I am reaching a varied audience. Your viewpoint is valuable. It’s hard to say and to hear “I don’t agree with you” because we all just want to get along. However, meaty, memorable conversations have a civil back-and-forth with… Continue reading Agree to Disagree: Challenging Our Assumptions

Getting the Truth From the Horse’s Mouth, a podcast reccy

Project Veritas' James O'Keefe talks about using undercover journalism and first-person accounts to unearth truths about Twitter and other organizations.

Making everything about politics is harming our social fabric

front stoop of a brick home with American flag next to door

The endless politicization of making people crazy and depressed.-Dave Rubin Diverse viewpoints are a sign of a healthy body politic. Who you vote for is nobody's business. Besides, if we cared about politics as much as the hullabaloo indicated, more than 56% of us would vote in presidential elections (2016). One of the things… Continue reading Making everything about politics is harming our social fabric