Friday Reccy: Country Music, Something Good From the Heart of America

“It’s great to be alive.

I know the sun’s still shining when I close my eyes.

There’s some hard times in the neighborhood.

Why can’t every day be this good?”

-Travis Tritt singing “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive”

Yes, another good thing about the USA. We need lyrics like these in dark times. Like sweet ice tea on a smoldering day, it refreshes and brings joy.

Smooth, rich vocals; catchy tunes; and romantic, happy lyrics. Men in love with their wives, daughters who miss their dads, and silly drinking songs are the spirit-lifting stuff we need now.

My teen and I became country music fans about two years ago, long after the bro-country sub-genre had washed over fans and radio stations of all types.

Our favorites are on the Evening Country playlist on Amazon Music.

  • “Handmade” by Bexar
  • “Prayed for You” by Matt Stell
  • “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young
  • “I Met a Girl” by William Michael Morgan

You ain’t heard a love song until you’ve heard a great country song written and sung by a man.

“God, Your Mama, and Me”

by Florida Georgia Line

Feminists who think all men are bad need to try a little country music. They can’t remain angry after hearing Jimmie Allen sing “and there’s no doubt because of you I’m not the man I was before you” in “Best Shot.”

Warm, harmonious – just the cure for work stress and Friday afternoon traffic. Soulful lyrics about family, church, and meeting her parents remind me there’s still hope for us.

“Baby, grow old with me.”

Sure, there are songs about lovely ladies, alcohol, and trucks. Nothing wrong with that. My favorite silly country song is “Rednecker” by Hardy.

Three generations of my family are newly converted country music fans. I can understand the lyrics and my whole body feels like a smile.

Go get you some country for much needed feel-good music.

Image by Antonio DiCaterina on Unsplash.

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