Friday Reccy: Red Bull Soapbox Race

Soapbox Derby: a service mark for a downhill race using children’s homemade racing cars without motors or pedals

-American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition

Good fun. Teamwork. Costumes! Gravity!

Teams of family members, friends, and co-workers dress up for a 30-second performance before launching their soapbox vehicles with one or two drivers. A box of strawberries, 1970s hippy, and the movie ET are just a few soapbox themes. Teams are scored on performance and time to finish the surprisingly challenging short course.

This race must have been concocted by a wacky bunch recalling small-kid days and hare-brained ideas. You cannot look away or hold in “Hurrahs” for the brilliant teams and careening soapboxes festooned with streamers, balloons, or giant strawberries.

My favorite part is the helpers who right crashed soapboxes and help teams to the finish line. Less a competition and more of a uniting, cheering event, Red Bull Soapbox Race is wonderful. It should be the first event we restart.

Less rioting and more themed soapbox racing!

Happy Friday!

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