John Guydon: Speaking Style John Guydon was interviewed by Senior Investigative Reporter for The Epoch Times Joshua Philipp on his Crossroads podcast (episode 73, January 22, on iTunes Podcasts). LISTEN to John Guydon interview I liked Guydon's message so I watched his short but powerful speech. Since I'm a Toastmaster, I jotted down speaker notes from his Ted… Continue reading John Guydon: Speaking Style

Social Media Marketing Gives Customers What They’re Already Looking For

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Previously, I have written about the lack of barriers to learning, exploring, and communicating. This video on social media marketing is a good example of how businesses and entrepreneurs can use social media marketing, strategically and at no cost, to reach customers in their happy places: online and in social media, where they devote hours… Continue reading Social Media Marketing Gives Customers What They’re Already Looking For

Book Review: Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook

Engage social media users in a way specific to the platform before asking them to buy. This is a smart way for students to use their powers for good: learn, gain experience, communicate, and earn.