Luna Sandals product review

Ideal for Hawaii and Other Warm-Climate Running

Runners on a dirt track, back view. Blue sky, clouds, telephone poles on the right, dried grass on both sides of the track.
Running with Runners HI Waipio into Kipapa Gulch. Photo by Shannon Chang.

In Brief

*plenty of room for wide, flat feet

*lots of air circulation reducing stink and sweat

*quick-drying; no fear of frequent showers or puddles

*longer-lasting than shoes; minimal sole forces light, quick steps

*helps flat feet get stronger by engaging arches

*reduces running injuries because the entire leg acts as a spring vs. only knees and ankles

Injury Preventer

While running in Luna Sandals I have had NO RUNNING INJURIES, unlike 30-70% (Harvard Gatte and the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) of all regular runners. I have had trip-and-falls and twisted ankles, but nothing specific to running such as Achilles tenderness or knee pain. There are times my muscles are sore or my hips hurt – on long runs and in ultramarathons – but I attribute my injury-free condition to running in Lunas. I cannot land hard because the zero-drop soles are thin and cushionless. Landing without using my whole leg as a spring would hurt. It forces me to land mid-foot, beneath my body, in small steps.

Stronger Feet

used to have flat feet and weak ankles. Running in huarache-style sandals with thin soles and no arch support has strengthened my feet and ankles. My feet are still flat (I can clap with them) but my arches engage when I run. I can tell because my footprint looks normal.

Venado 2.0 vs. Mono 2.0

black huarache or running sandal with black straps
Luna Venado 2.0

Venados are thinner and noticeably lighter. Lighter shoes make it easier to maintain a constant foot turnover when the body begins to tire. I’ve worn them on road, trails, and beach.

black huarache or running sandal with black straps and pronounced tread
Luna Mono 2.0

Mono 2.0 has a noticeably thicker, heavier, treaded sole. I did notice a slightly cushier feel on road surfaces which I preferred for runs longer than eight miles. Still wearable after about a year and 500 miles, most of the tread has worn off. I rotate between the two pairs, preferring the Venados.

My running profile:

  • Runner and minimal shoe wearer for 8+ years
  • Middle aged female, medium build
  • Most runs are with the dog on sidewalk with lots of stops and starts
  • About 30 miles per week
  • 12-minute mile
  • Longest run 50km on trail
  • Longest run time 8-1/2 hours

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