Podcast reccy: Just the News with Sharyl Attkisson

“The anatomy of fake Facebook fact check” episode

Credible, experienced investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson explains how Facebook’s fact-checking is invalid, or at least suspect. Since too many people use Facebook for news and believe its fake news warnings, it helps to understand how Facebook vets facts.

Did you know Facebook bans or removes posts containing CCP Coronavirus (COVID-19) information which contradicts the World Health Organization–the China-controlled World Health Organization?

Therefore, China effectively controls Facebook and…you. Do you think that’s right? For the country that released the pandemic to decide what can be said about the disease, on an American platform used by millions outside of China?

Maybe you can imagine my response to that idea.

Please listen and, in Attkisson’s words: “Decide for yourself.”

Interestingly, featured image is from an artist in Shanghai, China: cdd20 from Pixabay.

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