Socialism Sucks: Venezuelans Share

“I hate socialism because I don’t want the government to tell me what I need and what I want. I want to be the sole writer of my dreams and what I want to accomplish. So I beg you: never let socialism destroy this country.”

-Gabby Franco speaking to Young Americans Against Socialism
Olympic Venezuelan shooter Gabby Franco talks about her country descending into socialism. Video from Young Americans Against Socialism. The picture below, at about 4:32, is a disturbing image of the previously prosperous Venezuelans food-shopping.

Venezuela today could be the U.S. tomorrow

Take a good look. This is where American social democrats like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to lead us.

For almost 30 years starting in 1958, Venezuela was king. The World asked, “Venezuela was once the richest, most stable, democracy in Latin America. What happened?

This is how Venezuelans shop for food now.

Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world. It had big cities, infrastructure, and shopping malls. But because of its turn toward socialism, conditions devolved.

Which way would you rather shop for food?

More Venezuelans offer advice

Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform asked Venezuelans in Washington D.C. what they would tell young people who would like to see Socialist policies implemented in the United States.

“You do not ever want socialism to come to this country.”

Venezuelan man

“It’s a gradual process over time. Little by little, power is taken away from the people.”

Venezuelan woman talking to Campus Reform in this 2019 video.

Shouldn’t we listen to those with actual experience running toward Hell?


Vote social democrats out of office.

Suggest misguided Millennials talk to a Cuban or Venezuelan before choosing Socialism for their future.


Campus Reform

The Blaze

Margolis, Jason. “Venezuela was once the richest, most stable, democracy in Latin America. What happened?” The World, 7 February 2019,

Young Americans Against Socialism

Adjusted photo from pxhere.

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