Is America Different or Unique?

Hell, yeah. A country founded by immigrants, full of immigrants, is a land of pain-in-the-asses! Some people call them rebels. But really, these are the people who would not follow the rules. What was good enough for everybody else was not fine for them. They would rather work through years of discomfort and delayed gratification than compromise over religion, quality of life, and opportunity.

These are tough people who play the long game.

Can you imagine one day deciding “I deserve better” without knowing what “better” really is because that’s not your life yet? But the pull for change compels you to leave everything familiar, travel thousands of miles to a strange place, and work 100-hour weeks to eventually, maybe, achieve it.

I think that’s awesome. Immigrants are awesome. We. Are. Awesome.

America, stop spitting in the wind. Stop banging your head with a frying pan. We built something so incredible France tried to copy us but only managed a head-rolling failure. Eventually, other countries decided elections and constitutions were a good idea. However, without accurate history study, Americans cannot see how special and rare our country is.

The United States still allows walk-ons to join the team (lacking an extensive sports pedigree, a walk-on athlete can still try out). “Let’s see what you got,” we say. Aspiring Americans call it “opportunity.” How can always-Americans understand an idea they’ve never known the lack of?

We are the original fair-play nation.

*Post inspired by Dave Rubin’s question to Florida Senator Marco Rubio about the U.S. surviving COVID-19: “Is there something that is unique about the American experience, just about American drive and ingenuity…that will help us get through this…?” April 20, 2020 episode on The Rubin Report

Image by Bessi from Pixabay

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