No More Coronavirus!

I am sorry. My regular writing schedule has been thrown off by gathering information about the Wuhan Coronavirus and preparing our home. In the time it took to write a letter to my friends and family urging them to stock up their food stores, medicines, pet food, and secure their homes (just in case Hawaii’s food supplies from the mainland slowed or stopped from sickness), the threat level announced by the WHO, CDC, and the Hawaii Department of Health became more alarming. In just a few days, local news reported SAMS Club and Costco shelves are beginning to empty of water and toilet paper. I don’t know why water, but I was concerned about toilet paper. I’m considering a Japanese toilet seat that cleans off your bits with warm water and air. No toilet paper? Hmmm.

In the meantime, remember to consider dried beans, rice, and freeze-dried items for your food supply stores. Dried fruit and honey also pack an energy and vitamin punch. Be careful. Stay safe. Hand washing goes a long way to keeping us all healthy.

I’d like to not think about COVID-19 anymore. How about you?

Yet, this is a tremendous opportunity for the United States to revive the manufacturing sector, particularly in pharmaceuticals, computer chip manufacturing, and quality goods. You get what you pay for has never been truer. And while financing cheap junk, we financed a communist regime that first hurt its own people, then hurt the world.

It is also a good time to learn history, our own and those of communist countries. Since we should avoid crowds and travel, we can read, read, read! Hey, did you know Hillsdale College offers free online courses taught by dedicated, passionate instructors?

We can use this time to learn and grow. Fear only gets us so far. Be well.


Time is at a premium now. Don’t waste it playing video games, watching tv, or anything else that removes your awareness of how precious time is. While the United States is on alert but not hit with COVID-19, we have a brief moment in which we can ponder who and what matters most. Use your new awareness to live well, give, thank, see. You will not wish for more money at the end, only more love.

Since our oldest will be hardest hit by this disease, take time to remember who they are, what they’ve meant to you, and learn what life was like when they were young. It’s not too late to be thankful for their presence in your life and acknowledge the experiences and values that shaped them.

Featured Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash

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