Not the Man We Want, But the President We Need

Trump haters think Trump supporters are crazy. Trump supporters think Trump haters wear blinders and express waving opinions dictated word-for-word by mainstream media. So I’m going to tell you what this conservative voter noticed about the president.

In their own words

I have seen and heard the same negative incidents and opinions commonly cited. But I’ve also

  • Watched the entire 2020 State of the Union address,
  • Observed how he listened and interacted with the kids and adults in this video,
  • and listened to influential people like former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson, and regular people like photographer Gene Ho, talk about specific words and deeds of the President.


A lot of their surprising stories about the President occurred while the cameras were OFF:

  • During the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Trump waited with Dr. Carson off-stage while other candidates brushed passed, because Dr. Carson could not hear his name being called.
  • Also during the 2016 campaign, candidate Trump would walk by the celebrities and politicians in a backstage meet-and-greet, to first shake the hands of emergency response workers and veterans (as related by Gene Ho).
  • Asking Nikki Haley to explain her thinking when her ideas contradicted his, rather than dismissing or steamrolling her.

Could this president possibly be other than the demon portrayed in mainstream media?

Putting up with a lot

In addition, I see a President handling the worst political and social mud-slinging; and boorish, disrespectful, bullying behavior, any President and First Lady ever withstood in our nation’s history. What does that say about all those holding rocks?

Too Donald to fake it

I see a President who does not care if he is disliked. He isn’t smooth either. He is too Donald to pretend to be other than he is.

Unlike President Obama, the job is more important than his image.

The job is more important than his image.

I see a man who gets the job done.

I don’t want a popular president who needs approval. That’s a weak leader. President Trump doesn’t care if he steps on toes when he’s doing the right thing:

  • Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
  • Cutting regulations—10 for every new one, red tape, and government waste
  • Defending unborn babies at the 2020 March for Life
  • Appointing judges who will uphold the Constitution, rather than create precedent because it’s their unelected opinion (as described by Mark Levin in his 2005 book Men in Black: How Judges are Destroying America)
  • Telling China: this is how it’s going to be

What does he love?

An unlikeable, no-nonsense man who loves his family and his country is the one we need defending and protecting us.

What if a basic qualification for any elected office was love of country? How many current politicians and presidential candidates would qualify? Why are we electing people who obviously hate us and hate the United States?

I’m glad President Donald Trump stands between us and North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China.

Before, I didn’t pay any attention to Donald Trump’s tv shows or hotels. Now, I’d like to hear and see more of this unorthodox president. Even hating his policies, how can Trump haters turn away from his treatment of others? His backbone?

I don’t understand.

I believe what I can find out for myself and distrust the quick answer, the slick slogan. Knowing Trump and condemning him is understandable. But taking up a vendetta because you want to join the bright, loud bandwagon? Aren’t we better than that?

So now you know, why a crazy conservative might see something else in the odd orange man. Thank you for sticking.


Watch and listen to the links. Use your own judgement.


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Featured image by Sambeet D from Pixabay

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