Surprise Theme of Netflix Movie 6 Underground

Spoiler about theme not plot.

Who would enjoy: guys, action movie lovers.

6 Underground, starring Ryan Reynolds, was a total time-filler. Despite all the CGI, bodies, blood, explosions, etc., its message was relationships matter.

Despite glomming on to gadgets, tv shows, and games, we crave human connections like we need air and water. In isolation, we starve emotionally and spiritually. Solitary confinement is widely considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Americans believe in rugged individualism, but personal ties fulfill, strengthen, and enrich us. No matter all the trappings of success, we are how we treat others.

6 Underground—a crazy-ass movie about our need to connect. What a story.


Littlejohn, Tempest, et al. “Solitary Confinement: Cruel and Unusual: Spreading Awareness on the Torture of Solitary Confinement.” CUNY Academic Commons, 27 June 2019, Accessed 21 December 2019.

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