folded American flags in a row

An American Beatdown…On Itself

IF large American companies (NBA, Apple, Google, Mariott, Nike)
with a global presence apologize for free speech, suppress it, censor it, and
support oppressive governments,

IF celebrities apologize for defending and supporting freedom and democracy where it is most needed,

IF regular people can’t wear a stupid red hat with the words “Make America Great Again,”

Then the Communists and the Nazis have won without firing another shot. They have cowed Americans into not being American.

Worse, we did it to ourselves.

In our eagerness to not offend, to placate, and play nice, we let the bullies run all over everyone and forced their victims to apologize for existing.

Who are we, America?

What are we?

It’s time to decide.


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Featured image by PICKUP IMAGE.

1 thought on “An American Beatdown…On Itself”

  1. The people in our country that are fostering this mentality ARE socialists and communists no matter what they choose to call themselves.


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