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Acceptable Deaths

In “What is Late Term Abortion? Trump Got It Wrong,” The New York Times quoted the Centers for Disease and Prevention: only 1.3% of abortions in 2015 were performed after 21 weeks. Of the 638,169 legal, reported abortions in 2015, that means only 8,296 babies like Fighting Finn were removed from women in the manner described by Dr. Antony Levatino.

Is the killing of 8,296 babies who might have survived in NICUs acceptable?

screenshot from GMA video of Fighting Finn’s story

I want women to retain their abortion rights. But if a woman can’t decide until her baby:

  • Is as big as a large banana (10-1/2” long according to What to Expect)
  • Has all its organs, fingers, and toes
  • Is doing flips and turns in there that mama can feel
  • Has developed taste buds and can taste the amniotic fluid (ewwww)
  • And has a chance to survive outside the womb

Is it right to let her choose to kill her child?

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Humanity’s loss

Each of the 8,296 babies aborted in 2015 could have lived to become:

  • The man who weds and takes care of your daughter for the rest of her life
  • Your neighbor who helps you up and sits with you after you fall and hit your head on the icy driveway
  • Your son’s best friend who saves his life while serving overseas together
  • The surgeon who saves your life by removing a cancerous tumor

Or the next:

  • LeBron James
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Maya Angelou
  • Tiger Woods
  • Tyler Perry
  • Barack Obama
  • Sojourner Truth
  • Frederick Douglass

Black mothers abort at a rate 3-4 times higher than white mothers

Why are all the famous people listed black? Because more black babies are aborted each year than born, according to Jason L. Riley of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, referring to New York City statistics. Politifact reporter Lauren Caruba found that black births exceed black abortions nationally. But the disproportionate abortion statistics are still disturbing: for every white mother who aborts her baby, three to four black mothers do.

What a loss for humanity. Each person above contributed to our culture and affected millions. Or, this baby could grow up and save just one life—yours.

Does fame and influence matter? Those babies’ souls were already here, waiting to be born. Abortions take away our chance to experience their light. Abortion after 21 weeks does so in an especially heartless and gruesome manner.


Each baby, no matter its age, is potential, light, and soul. We need to keep this in mind when we discuss procedures and rights. Being deliberate about sexual partners, sexual choices, and sexual health can help women avoid this difficult life or death decision.


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Featured image by Minnie E. Kenney Paull in Prince Dimple’s Further Doings Told for the Little Ones (1891) on ReusableArt.

2 thoughts on “Acceptable Deaths”

  1. Fetuses are not babies until they are born. No person in this world counts the start of their life from before the date of their birth. And everyone knows the date they were born if it was recorded for them.


    1. Rawgod, you are right in that we count our age from birth. However, parents know, the fetus is a baby once they are aware they are pregnant. People refer to their and others’ developing baby as “baby,” not fetus. And when an aborted baby has arms and legs developed enough for Planned Parenthood to sell, it is a baby. Thank you for your comment.


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