Liberty Bell wrapped in American flag

Thankful to Be Free

Today is a day to celebrate our freedom to

  • Choose our religion instead of forced to practice a state religion
  • Associate with whomever we choose, including friends, clubs, teams, and church
  • Criticize the President
  • Speak our minds without fear of government retaliation
  • Follow our hearts or the money in pursuit of our happiness
  • Marry my choice
  • Have as many kids as we want
  • Learn anything
  • Start over
  • Redefine ourselves

Americans are blessed. We bicker and complain because we suffer no drought or warfare. We’re bored and spoiled in our idleness.

Remind your children, today and every day, how fortunate we all are to be Americans.

Happy Independence Day!

Featured image by John Augustus Hows (1832-1874) courtesy of

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