Little Fears: Savvy Artist and Content Creator

Black Shore Episode 15. Image by Little Fears, with permission.

What appears to be a small cottage at the base of a hill is actually the portal of a vast internet universe for creating, teaching, earning, and sharing. Rather than focus on affiliate links and blogging for money, Little Fears creator Peter developed a surprisingly sophisticated theme park of characters, books, clothing, and classes.

The blog looks simple, which is perfect for readers and users, but it has several elements:

  • collaborative series
  • individual series
  • YouTube shorts
  • multiple funding portals
  • multiple storefronts
  • classes
Kaiju 13. Image by provided by Little Fears.

Each post has original art and a short story. Peter ends with a thank you to readers and supporters and links to Little Fears’ other sites:

Kaiju 03. Image provided by Little Fears.

An incredible amount of work went into establishing a presence on the various platforms. Little Fears artist Peter continues to fulfill his artist and businessman calling with daily content creation and customer communication.

Visit his sites to see how an artist expands his reach and makes a living. Better yet, take one of his Skillshare classes so he can tell you himself.

Featured image Spira provided by Little Fears.

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