I Blame the Chinese People, But it’s Our Fault Too

I don’t know China except through beautiful movies and passed down family values. I’m a fourth-generation American, and I never want to visit the land of my ancestors. Crowded, Communist, polluted. Nope.

I blame this resilient, mighty people for looking the other way while their government creates Hell on Earth, first by dehumanizing millions of Muslims and Falun Gong, and then by lying about and hiding the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic.

“But,” my father would say, “They don’t have freedom of speech or freedom of information. It’s a communist country! What do you expect?”

I expect a people who plan generations into the future to see how badly they’ve been played. They’re not stupid. And it’s not like North Korea, completely cut off from the outside world. They must know something is wrong.

The other day I saw a Chinese-speaking family at Costco. They stuck out because they spoke Chinese and the kids wore white sweatshirts and gray sweatpants, like kids in the 1970s. Despite our various ethnicities, most Hawaii people only speak English.

Another shopper gave them a look reflecting how I felt: accusatory, angry, resentful. Noticing her expression, my upset faded. Of course, they weren’t personally to blame, but their government let it get out-of-hand because it wanted to maintain face and control.

I am angry the Chinese people tolerate the ongoing destruction of its rich civilization by the Communist Party for 71 years.

With the exception of Hong Kong, I am angry they don’t want better for themselves.

I am angry they live in fear, soothed by money and propaganda.

I am angry that other, better countries and happier, freer people around the world keep doing business with China, the biggest, worst bully.

The Chinese Communist Party poured its corrosive ideas and money into our influential institutions, and we just let them. rilsonav/pixabay

The Chinese Communist Party may be the creator of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic, but we fueled its inception. We took its money and let it infiltrate our colleges, government, real estate, scientific laboratories, and pharmaceuticals. The CCP is entrenched in American business, politics, and education.

WE funded its atrocities, in exchange for cheap stuff: clothes, generic drugs, housewares, toys, etc. We welcomed Communist ideas devaluing human life by valuing money over people.

Different countries, including ours, knew who and what China was. They don’t hide it. The CCP and China-based business owners may be sly, but we have always known we were dealing with the Devil. Tricked by cheap things and easy money, we didn’t want to see.

And now we can’t ignore the consequences as it forces us to distrust one another and isolate ourselves. This disease is worse than an outright attack because then we could band together and rally. This—we can’t fight.

We can’t touch.

We can’t meet.

Like a bundle of sticks, we are stronger together. Fear’s talons are sharper when we are apart.

Yet, our greatest strength and our best asset is our free will.

We can decide to:

  • Cherish and protect our loved ones
  • Make use of this mandated isolation time to increase our skills and knowledge
  • Return stronger and more purposeful
  • Honor every human being and direct politicians, who work for us, to do everything they can to stop buying from China until it stops torturing, killing, brainwashing, and organ harvesting the Uyghurs and Falun Gong

We brought this pandemic on ourselves by trading with the Devil and expecting there to be no consequences.

What will our free will and our conscience lead us to do now?


Read about, share, and discuss U.S. entanglements with the Chinese Communist Party. Prepare to be shocked. You can start by following any of this article’s links, and then take a deeper dive into Rosemary Gibson’s book China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine. I am interested in what you learn.


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Featured image OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay

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