sunrise in Idaho: light, cloudy sky, rolling green hills, a cottage in the distance

Quote on Life and Paying Attention

“Your life is what you pay attention to,” she said. “If you want to spend it on video games or Twitter, that’s your business. But it should be a conscious choice.”

wife of The New York Times journalist Kevin Roose

While researching statistics for a post about phone addiction and distracted driving, I came upon this article about trying to curtail a phone addiction.

I’ve been trying to make daily content for this blog to be regular and reliable. Also to develop into a better writer. In a few months several curious readers have followed and liked posts. I appreciate you, I appreciate the follows and likes. But I don’t want you to have more notifications and reasons to look at your phone during the day.

Tell you what: stop reading me on your phone and just come hang out once a week on your computer. Pay attention to your family, your neighbors, your surroundings, your life. If you don’t return, I will plug on with quotes, book and movie reviews, articles, and podcast recommendations.

Like I say about running and injury: take your time. There’s no rush. Don’t overdo it. The mountains and the road aren’t going anywhere. Well, I’m not going anywhere. I love writing and reading and you can always go back and read old posts. You don’t have to read the latest post as soon as it comes out.

Remember my Home page? My writing inspiration is Josh Bernoff’s Iron Imperative: Value the reader’s time more than your own.

Life is short. Get out there and live it. Remove anything that stops you from enjoying it to its fullest, including reading news and blogs on your phone. Whatever age and stage you are currently in, find a way to make it a blast not a blur.

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