Movie Review: Daddy’s Home (2015)

split screen movie poster with Will Ferrell in office attire standing next to car and holding bag of groceries on left and on right Mark Wahlberg wearing black t-shirt and jeans leaning against motorcycle with arms crossed


Daddy’s Home, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, is a silly film showing different dad/man personalities: manly, handy, tough, motorcycle-riding, rescuer qualities vs. patient, dependable, responsible, and loving. You can guess which actor played which role. Although Mark Dad was more masculine and Will Dad was more feminine, the rivals ultimately realize that being there and trying to be a good dad are most important. Fortunately, real men possess a combination of qualities.

Discussion Points

It’s a good film for discussing what makes a good dad.

  • What is the most important quality? Why?
  • Is it important to kids to have a good dad?
  • Would they rather have a dad who the other kids think is cool or one who is there – coaching soccer, reading stories, listening to you talk about your very bad day?
  • Does society take good dads for granted?
  • How can it support fatherhood better?

No regrets

All dads want to be cool just like all moms want to be beautiful but how do our kids see us and are we happy doing the most important job we will ever have? Can we forgive ourselves for being imperfect?

Cars, clothes, muscles, and small waistlines – no one gets to the Pearly Gates and says, “I wish I had more stuff.” Not one moment of loving and supporting our families goes wasted. Talk about fatherhood with friends and family; it is too important to take for granted.

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