Energy and Intention: Why Thoughts and Prayers Matter

Fatigued and weaving unsteadily on wobbly legs, long-struggling New Day member Kofi Kingston was about to lose the WWE Championship match to madman environmentalist Daniel Bryan. But the 82,000 member audience cheered their lungs out, creating a palpable and unifying energy that went beyond sound. Months before, when Joe Anoai, aka Roman Reigns, walked to… Continue reading Energy and Intention: Why Thoughts and Prayers Matter

Dean Ambrose speaks, a podcast reccy

Jon Moxley in the ring

Talk is Jericho podcast WWE - more than what you see is what you get. This podcast is a good example. If you are a WWE fan, you might not want to listen to Chris Jericho's interview with Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose. Moxley talks about depression, being frustrated with his character, and communicating with… Continue reading Dean Ambrose speaks, a podcast reccy

Quote From a Thankful American

We are imperfect. But compared to any other society I am aware of, we have a stronger system of freedom, a greater capacity for people to rise, and a greater awareness that anybody can come from anywhere and become an American."-Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, 2012 Presidential candidate, and author of Collusion Thank… Continue reading Quote From a Thankful American