Friday Reccy: Seasoned Environmentalist Reveals the Inner Workings of the Movement

“Scientists, activists, and journalists—those are the three groups that have perpetuated so much of the misinformation.”“…most mainstream environmental journalists are environmental activists who went into journalism to be activists.”-Michael Shellenberger, environmental activist for 30 years and author of Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All (2020) As heard on American Thought Leaders, “How Climate… Continue reading Friday Reccy: Seasoned Environmentalist Reveals the Inner Workings of the Movement

Question Science

Revisionist History Aug. 22 podcast The Obscure Virus Club It wasn't Malcolm Gladwell's intention, but this episode about the maverick scientists who discovered retroviruses is yet another example of the edifice of science discouraging questions and data that suggest alternative hypotheses. Another example of science and scientists being WRONG. No one knows everything. Knowledge is… Continue reading Question Science

Wolves Revive Yellowstone: Scientists Get Schooled

brown wolf in green forest, side view

watch video Reintroducing wolves in Yellowstone National Park drastically improved the ecological health of the area. This amazing video reveals the miracle of nature and the fallibility of science and scientists. When wolves were hunted by the government predator control program during the early 1900's ecologists believed it was best for the park. They have… Continue reading Wolves Revive Yellowstone: Scientists Get Schooled