Agree to Disagree: Challenging Our Assumptions

Have you read anything here you disagreed with? Great! It means you are hearing another viewpoint—congratulations—and I am reaching a varied audience. Your viewpoint is valuable. It’s hard to say and to hear “I don’t agree with you” because we all just want to get along. However, meaty, memorable conversations have a civil back-and-forth with… Continue reading Agree to Disagree: Challenging Our Assumptions

Craft and Conversation Coexisting: a blog link

I love how this knitter explained what's wrong with limiting fiber artists' conversations to craft, and why it's okay to disagree. Please visit Mad Man Knitting for more. Your Turn What is your craft? Do you have a social craft group that meets virtually or in-person? Is conversation limited to craft or impersonal, safe topics?… Continue reading Craft and Conversation Coexisting: a blog link