Quote on Government Overreach

"The state has no business telling people what to think. We're a republic. We're supposed to tell our officials what to think. It's totally contrary to our system of government for the government to tell us what we're supposed to do and think."-Jeffrey Tuomala, Liberty University law professor, "Historic Crossroads for Private Education: Boom or… Continue reading Quote on Government Overreach

Quote on Tyranny

"Tyranny: a form of government where all of the powers of government are exercised by one body, which rules for its own sake and not the common good."-study guide for lecture 3 of Hillsdale College Constitution 101 class Inconceivably, the United States and other western countries are getting more restrictive every day. But we can… Continue reading Quote on Tyranny

Recommendation: The Epoch Times, Truth in Uncertain Times

"Without the basic foundation of Truth, you lose the sacred bond of trust that should be maintained between the press and the reader."-Karen Cheng, Software Developer for The Epoch Times Who can we trust to tell us what’s really going on? I believe The Epoch Times will. While murky, misleading “reporting” has become the norm,… Continue reading Recommendation: The Epoch Times, Truth in Uncertain Times

Robbed of Our Natural Rights

The Constitution set up government to protect our natural rights. Yet, today, they are evaporating.