A Heart Full of Love: Conflict Resolution

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The last post referred to a podcast laying out tools for civilized discussion over differences. I honestly doubt that is possible most of the time. To prepare my last Toastmasters speech, I wracked my brain for how to manage conflict. Maybe you will find value in the result. This is a level 3 speech in… Continue reading A Heart Full of Love: Conflict Resolution

Social Media Marketing Gives Customers What They're Already Looking For

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Previously, I have written about the lack of barriers to learning, exploring, and communicating. This video on social media marketing is a good example of how businesses and entrepreneurs can use social media marketing, strategically and at no cost, to reach customers in their happy places: online and in social media, where they devote hours… Continue reading Social Media Marketing Gives Customers What They're Already Looking For

Quote on Work and Meaning

"...when people go to work, they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And if they don't feel that way, they begin to shut down and their work product diminishes."-Asa James Swan, Chief Leadership Officer of the Commonwealth of Kentucky paraphrasing Marcus Buckingham Source Yang, Catherine. "Asa James Swan: On Helping People… Continue reading Quote on Work and Meaning

Repost: 100 Reasons to Homeschool

READ list here I'm going to add one more reason to homeschool your precious children: to continue to see this look of joy and confidence on their faces as they grow and learn, rather than the grinding down of their personality and spirit as they try to fit in and conform to others' ideas of… Continue reading Repost: 100 Reasons to Homeschool