Steve Bannon on the Most Important Fight

If you can translate Steve Bannon’s interview into Chinese, the people of China MUST hear it.

He urges Americans to keep fighting for our values and truth, and he rallies Chinese to overcome communist oppression.

The Epoch Times investigative reporter and Crossroads podcast host Joshua Philipp talks with the former White House Chief Strategist about:

  • the 2020 election debacle,
  • China’s Communist Party using enslaved Muslims and Falun Gong practitioners to peddle cheap products to the world
  • and the freedom struggle the Chinese must win for themselves.
  • He says this fight to correct the election is as dire as our fight to become an independent country.
  • Please listen and consider Bannon’s message. Now is not the time to quietly acquiesce our civil liberties or to let the authorities handle it. They are royally screwing things up.

    Share the podcast episode so more people can hear his words.

    Image by Ronile on Pixabay.

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