Friday Reccy: A Book to Bring Us Together

Open your own mind and look for the reasons behind the behavior, and you’ll take the first step toward breaking down barriers and communicating with an “impossible” person.

Mark Goulston in Just Listen

This book is the most important book any student, professional, or family member can read because it helps us talk so we can understand and become closer. Great ideas in each chapter. Simple and potent. Lots of stories as examples. Specific things to say and why.

Maybe if I listen more skillfully, as Mark Goulston teaches in Just Listen, the invisible, seemingly impenetrable wall between people with opposing ideologies will gradually thin.

Isn’t hearing each other what we need right now? Everyone’s speaking. Or sticking their fingers in their ears. But who is really listening?

“What’s something fun or important that you think you and I should do within the next five years?” Then see how fast you move from “It’s your turn to do dishes” to a new and better life plan.

Mark Goulston in Just Listen

I suggest applying one idea for a whole week or a month instead of trying to absorb the entire book at once. There are so many techniques; it’s easy to forget them if you don’t try them out on a test drive.

This book is a keeper.

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