Quote on God’s Time

Some things need to get done in God’s time.”

Dr. Stella Immanuel on The Candice Owens Show, November 16, 2020 episode

Dr. Immanuel was talking about the availability and effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. But it sparked other thoughts for me.

When you’ve tried everything –

When things keep going wrong –

When everything that can go wrong does –

It means God isn’t ready and you’ve done enough.

Maybe the right person for the job is tied up at the moment and the delay is freeing her up.

Maybe the traffic slowdown keeps you safe and out of the intersection where a driver runs the stop sign and plows through the space you would have been.

Maybe we need to face bad times to learn skills and gather grit to create the good times.

God’s time. We don’t have to understand it to feel its force.

Next time life feels like you’re swimming against the tide, take a deep, slow breath, and have faith that other forces could be at work.

Image by Jon on Unsplash.

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