The Biased Dinosaur Media Has You By the Balls

All they want are your hearts. You are nothing more than meat and dollars to them. They don’t care about you. They think you’re stupid. Lazy. Too lazy to seek answers to countless questions about the election and why some people are more equal than others, flaunting their own rules and restrictions over us plebians.

Our President gave a 46-minute speech on Thursday, December 3. The “news” and other trash media did. Not. Cover. It. They would not show the public what President Trump had to say about the election hearings. What does the censorship of the President of the United States say about those claimed “reliable sources” of information? Do you really still believe they are unbiased?

How dare they.

What gives those reporters, editors, and producers the right to muffle the leader of our country and prevent you from making up your own mind by hearing his words directly and completely?

Whether you support Biden or Trump, you must not blind yourself to the looming national failure that will follow sanctioned, extensive election hacking. Conspiracy theory, you say? Watch the election hearings. Listen to regular, conscientious people describe what they saw and what they did. You decide.

The media blackout of the ongoing election fraud investigations, enormous Stop the Steal rallies, and diverse, documented voter fraud should scare the shit out of you. Normally, a presidential election is not that important. But these are abnormal times. We are all fine with living inside a teenage girl’s head, a mean teenage girl, by giving up our common sense and perspective in the social media and instant texting morass.

Get out.

Wake up.

Talk to real people about real things.

You don’t have to agree, but you should be talking and listening. You should not be isolated, cloistered, scared – a fearful, controlled rabbit.

President Trump believes you are worth talking to and hearing from. Whether you are gay, black, female, he doesn’t care about that. He wants to hear your ideas. He wants to know what you can do, who you are.

So, WHO ARE YOU, America?

And when are you going to stop accepting being programmed and categorized, herded toward your doom like factory-farmed cattle?

You matter because you can





Universities and the media tell you that you are a victim, simplified by your



Sexual orientation

Stop listening to them define you. They want you weak, scared, adrift, so you will turn to them for guidance. The biased media wants you angry and helpless so you waste your energy casting about for someone and something to strike out at.

Leave them behind.

Go build.



Find your dharma.

YOU define you.

Image by gayulo from Pixabay

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