Friday Reccy: Describing the Descent to Hell

Margarete Fallat remembers what Germany was like when sanctioned gangs roamed the streets intimidating and destroying. She shared her experiences in a new advice section of The Epoch Times, Dear Next Generation.

Dear Next Generation: From a World War II Survivor—’My wonderful homeland fell prey to poisonous socialism’

We already know what happens next.

What are we waiting for?

When do we clasp arms and step forward saying, “Enough!”

No more police standing by while mobs proclaim social justice and destroy communities.

No more police breaking up families and friends gathering and celebrating life peacefully, joyfully.

No more universal masking meant to SHUT US UP.

Remember who you are, America!

Defend all the good and hope you have left.

Fight off the black hole of despair and hate seeking to swallow our freedom and our love.

Take each deliberate step toward our brilliant, flourishing future.

Image by darksouls1 on Pixabay.

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