Friday Reccy: John Adams HBO miniseries

No easy way. Years and months away from his family. Sickness. Thanklessness. Discomfort. It was hard and there seemed no end. John Adams, the less rockstar Adams, worked intensely on the planting of these United States.

It is a privilege to learn a little of what he went through, and an injustice of ignorance to take what we have for granted.

A good exercise

Observe all the modern conveniences the colonists lacked.

Consider what it must have taken for them to give up their comparable ease and the known way of things, to dive into the unknown of independence and fighting the always-victorious Motherland of Great Britain. How did they see the worth of an unknown future?

We know yet don’t see what we have.

With all the evil, hateful lies flooding our culture about the nation’s founding and current state, it is essential to learn about regular men working with an intensity of purpose for what they believed was good and right.

Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney were brilliant in their roles as John and Abigail Adams. I appreciated seeing how much Mr. Adams relied on Mrs. Adams’ counsel – a good example of the way women influenced politics and culture before they had legal means to do so.

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