Late Friday Reccy: Parent and State-Funded Destruction of Free Speech

“You’re paying for your kid’s complete reprogramming and utter brainwashing of all your values if you send her to college.”

-what I want to say to my friends whose kids are getting ready to leave home and go off to college.

“Aren’t you worried about all the indoctrination that goes on in colleges

“I’m worried because you guys are Christian and Christianity is frowned upon at universities.”

-what I actually say

What are you paying for?

My liberal friends look at me as if I’ve just spoken Klingon. My homeschooling friends often encourage their teenagers to delay or consider alternatives to higher education. The poor ratio of cost and debt to life value or work relevance is a big reason. But other reasons are becoming obvious even to people who don’t listen to podcasts for hours every day:

  • Free speech zones – specific, tiny, scheduled areas demarcating the only campus space for free exchange of ideas and words. Not shouting, not hitting. This is the place where discussions and debates of opposing opinions which might offend or hurt feelings can occur. This is the only place.
  • Violent reactions to ideas and people they don’t like. Our youth aren’t learning to be adults and expand their minds; they are learning to be mean babies who do and say unacceptable things in the real world. They learn to bully.
  • College professors afraid to reveal their conservatism – afraid for their safety and their jobs.
No Safe Spaces documentary on the destruction of free speech

Inside the looking glass of “higher” education

Families assuming a college education for their children’s future must see No Safe Spaces. This documentary about the extinction of free speech and free thought on college campuses does not exaggerate. If your only source of news is dinosaur mainstream media, you will be shocked. You will think the reactions are rare and extreme. You will be wrong.

Your guides

Narrators Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla* are two very different people who agree on the sanctity of mutual respect and free speech. Comedian, author, podcaster, and father, Adam Carolla is the Everyman, with the dubious “Uhhhh, I don’t know about that” perspective. I like his relatable, easy-going manner. Dennis Prager is the worldly, humble, scholar with a kind, vicar-like demeanor. With all his life experience and ever-expanding knowledge, he is the most loving person I have ever heard on radio. Both have podcasts, if you’d like to hear more from them.

Why so angry?

The behaviors and attitudes of the college students in this documentary are not extreme or unusual. They are typical. Watch it to see what college tuition funds and creates. If your college student comes home during break uncharacteristically resentful and disrespectful, now you know why.

I fear for America’s future and for my daughters’ peer groups if this hatred is what we sow.

*If all you perceive about Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla are two white guys talking about white privilege, Congratulations. You are a perfect specimen of the college indoctrination factory. It’s okay. I was one too. If you can see it, you can change it. If you can change it, you can decide who you are and what you believe in.


The Dennis Prager Show

The Adam Carolla Show audio, or youtube

a collection of conservative podcasts and audiobook first chapters: American Conservative University

I recommend listening to podcasts vs. watching them. We all have things to do. Listen while driving or doing chores.

Featured image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

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