Friday Reccy: A Rare Conversation Between Doctors about Saving COVID-19 Patients’ Lives

…out of 2200 patients, I didn’t have more than two people die.”

-Dr. Vladimir Zelenco, developer of the Zelenco Protocol for early COVID symptoms and as a preventative

Dr. Vladimir Zelenco created the Zelenco Protocol—timing COVID treatment with early symptoms, dosage, and medication (hydroxychloroquine and zinc). Seven governments consulted and applied his protocol. Why aren’t we?

Dr. Zelenco and Dr. Mobeen Syed discuss their experiences using hydroxychloroquine to save COVID patients . Yet, doctors are being fired, threatened, or censored for using it or talking favorably about the drug. These doctors have private practices so they feel less threatened.

“When you think you are about to meet God, it prepares you to stop fearing man.”

-Dr. Vladimir Zelenco on why he wasn’t afraid to go public about hydroxychloroquine’s beneficial effects on COVID-19

This conversation is rare because most people, even doctors, are not digging for more information. Instead, they accept the fearful, wrong messages from state governments, medical journals and associations, and mainstream media. The Liberal Left wants to keep Americans isolated and afraid; it makes them easier to control. It doesn’t want us to have important conversations that could help us take better care of ourselves.

Doctors have been safely prescribing hydroxychloroquine to children, elderly, and pregnant women for 60 years. Studies showing harmful effects of hydroxychloroquine for COVID patients were either entirely fake, used a toxic dose on patients, or waited until patients were very sick before beginning treatment.

More information.

Less fear.

More freedom.

Thank you, American Conservative University for playing this episode, and Drbeen Medical Lectures for interviewing Dr. Zelenco.

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