Actions Not Words: Democrats Use Illegal Immigrants

Democrats want to count illegal immigrants in the Census, and President Trump does not. “Illegal immigrants are people too! Trump is a meanie and a racist!” This common upset lacks an awareness of history when southern states similarly wanted to count slaves to qualify for more state representation and thus gain more political power. Northern states objected because slaves were not allowed to participate in society as free men, so the slave state should not be able to use slaves in their census count. The result, the Three-Fifths Compromise, is now pointed to as proof of Republican Party racism for considering a black man as less than a white man. Dr. Carol Swain explains the Three-Fifths Compromise well.

“What! You’re comparing illegal immigrants to slaves? OMG.”

No, I am comparing the Democratic effort, then and now, to treat people as less capable, independent, or worthy of self-determination. Rather than try to count slaves in the population while continuing to treat them as owned objects, not people, slave-holding states forced to limit census counts to free men would have been forced to act on their assertion that slaves were people.

Similarly, if Democratic-run Sanctuary cities truly cared about the well-being of illegal immigrants, they would do everything possible to help them become legal citizens with all the benefits that go with it: no fear of deportation, bank loans, college scholarships, voting rights, and higher pay.

Instead, saying they care about these families while supporting their impoverished, fearful, over-worked, and under-paid living conditions reveals Democrats’ historical, disdainful attitude toward the people who do their hard, dirty work. And by proclaiming sanctuary city status, Democrats doom illegal immigrants within them to shorter, more violent lives as criminals prey on them. Despite the study by University of California of Riverside and Highline College in Des Moines, Washington.

They crossed deserts and dangerous waters for this?


Illegal immigrants want to become American citizens—that’s why they’re here. Why doesn’t the party that claims to want to help them actually do it?

Actions speak louder than words.

Featured image provided by CircaSassy on flickr.

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