Quote on Perspective

“It’s not about you.”

This quote from an Epoch Times interview weeks ago stuck with me.

Life is miraculous and surprising. And this quote is a reminder that the people we meet, in the time and situation we do, is part of a larger, unseen picture. This is especially worth considering when your situation is vexing or puzzling.

Why her? Why now?

Maybe we don’t need to know yet. The choices of others are out of your hands. She could have chosen another business, he could have not called back, I could have skipped out on the meeting. Whomever is meant to be there, will go. And good will eventually come of it, as unlikely as that sounds sometimes.

Relax your grip

If the situation is bad, see it’s value and leave. If it is frustrating, maybe something else is going on that doesn’t involve you at all. If I take my ego out of the equation and stop taking things personally, I relax my grip on the problem and it suddenly solves itself or an obvious solution leaps forward.

If I see that my speech, my job, my role, is not about me but about how I am part of a larger panorama, then I understand and I can alter my actions, my attitude, or my intentions to work toward better.

All together now

Or I can take a breath, relax, and recognize other factors affecting the situation. It’s not about me, so what is our goal? What can I do to help us reach that goal?

“It’s not about you” is a good reminder to reframe and step back. Type A personalities have drive and power, but it’s also important to head in the right direction and support your team’s efforts as well.

May you benefit from today’s expression. Frustrated and angry over Hawaii’s unreasonable, suicidal lockdown measures, I have to dwell on this quote to take the right actions and say instrumental things, rather than just railing on. Thank you for helping me find my way.

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay

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