Unmasked in Hawaii

­­[Note: this is a longer post because the decision to unmask was deliberate and informed. It isn’t due to laziness, discomfort, or resistance to authority. Also, these opinions are not unique.]

“Oh my God! That dog-walker across the street isn’t wearing a mask! How stupid. She’s going to spread COVID and kill someone’s grandma! Thoughtless.”

-glaring, masked, finger-pointer

And the unmasked dog-walker?

“Good Lord, lady. I’m all the way over here. Can’t we just both enjoy this beautiful day?

Sun and heat kill COVID.*

Handwashing kills COVID.

Alcohol cleaners kill COVID.

And I’m six feet away from everyone.”

Mental monologue continues:

“The CDC already said you probably won’t get it from contact with things (fomites), making it weaker than the common cold and flu viruses, which stick around on keyboards and elevator buttons for weeks.

The disease isn’t more lethal now than it was months ago, when nobody wore masks.

And what about next year? We can’t be afraid of each other forever.

Relax, there are safe, effective early treatments…”

-an unmasker

Why don’t they just wear the damn mask?

I’ll tell you why:

  • Because fear of COVID is being used as cover for government encroachment of our civil rights, our natural rights, and the Constitution.
  • Because COVID restrictions are being applied unequally. Social justice warriors and pillaging mobs can gather and shout, but funeral mourners, graduation celebrators, and church goers get shut down. Is COVID a threat not?
  • Because the politicians responsible for these restrictions act like they are above them. The Hawaii Democratic Party should not have been able to have their roll call on Waikiki Beach while the Honolulu Police Department tickets and cites everybody else for walking on the sand, sitting in a park, and standing in the ocean only knee-deep.
How can we live in a country where singing in church is banned but shouting in anger is allowed? BLM protest in Indianapolis. Strangely, riot pictures are hard to find… AP photo by Michael Conroy.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

-George Orwell in Animal Farm (1945)
  • Because all the CDC’s conflicting, changing statements equate to: “We don’t know much, but we know some things about some things.”
  • Because whatever happened in China, Iran, and Italy is not happening to the same extent here. Individual, sad COVID stories are not grounds for nationwide shutdowns and unequally applied policies.
BLM protest in Hawaii. Church services, funerals, games, and high school and college graduations were all banned. But demonstrating for social justice gets a pass. Is this equality?
  • Because safe, effective, cheap treatments exist for early symptoms. Demand your doctor diagnose you with asthma or lupus, or you need a malaria preventative, so you can get hydroxychloroquine or inhaled budesonide. The medical establishment has no right to block access to life-saving medicines with decades of safe use and recent, successful COVID treatment.
  • Because fear is running this nation into the ground.
  • Because mainstream media (most notably The New York Times), the Democratic Party, and the World Health Organization operate with an obvious agenda of misinformation funded by the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Because zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D boost our immune system, yet Google, Facebook, and Twitter censored this discussion.
  • Because the louder the fake fervor, the more obvious the lies.
Zinc and vitamin C boost the immune system. So why can’t we talk about it on Twitter and Facebook as a way to fight COVID? Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay

Unmasking is not about my right to be comfortable; it’s about the future of our country. Remove the blinders and trust your common sense. This whole mask thing is a cover for a swift and complete socialist seizure of the United States government and our American rights.

Look at the history of medicine and governments.

Doctors have always been wrong about something, e.g., not washing hands between patients, not sanitizing surgery tools, misidentifying how diseases spread, and overusing antibiotics (to name a few).

Now, doctors are too busy to do their own research, so they rely on their governing boards and institutions to tell them what is allowed and how not to get sued. Sometimes expertise in a narrow field affects judgement and perspective of the big picture.

Governments default to largess and self-interest. It is up to a concerned, educated citizenry to be suspicious and hold the three branches of government accountable.

Wear a mask where mandated or if you are the at-risk person. However, know that mask requirements and universal peddling of COVID fear and woe are not about your health.

More lethal diseases did not stop us

We don’t shut down, mask-up, or track individuals for these more dangerous diseases:

  • Smallpox (eradicated except for lab samples)
  • Typhoid
  • Tuberculosis
  • SARS
  • MERS
  • Bird Flu
  • Swine Flu
  • AIDS (obviously not mask-up)
  • Hepatitis
  • Bubonic plague (yup, still here)

Is Hawaii China’s little brother?

Tracking and isolating people, and banning praying and singing together are obvious steps toward fascist government control. China does this now. Is your state, like Hawaii, a China wanna-be? Hawaii has a COVID narc hotline for people to report on their neighbors! So Hawaii now has personal tracking, police arresting or ticketing everyone playing or praying together except BLM protesters and Democrat politicians, and releasing prisoners. Wow, come to paradise for an expensive, tropical communist incubator.

Wake up, America! We are giving away the farm!

Hide behind your arm instead of stepping into the street to avoid people. Sesame Street’s Count.

Hey, you’re still here! Thank you.

Honestly, if I’m the unmasked runner or dog walker on the other side of the road, I’m really only thinking about not getting hit by a car and not tripping. Last week I saw a masked walker nearly get hit by a car when she crossed the road to avoid me. My threat potential was greater than the imminent danger of the approaching car. Don’t be a COVID-classified pedestrian casualty. Just fling your arm over your face like Count Dracula and safely glare at me as we pass each other.

For further reading

*Differing conclusions about the effect of sun and heat on COVID lead me to conclude it is our bodies’ response to sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and nature that ramp up our immune systems to better fight off COVID. Florence Williams talks about how the body and mind respond to nature in The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative (2018).

Related article: “The Great Mask Debate” by Conan Milner in August 5-11, 2020 paper issue of The Epoch Times, also online. You can trade your email for free reading.

Featured image lightened and provided by The Library of Congress on flickr.

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