Friday Reccy: Seasoned Environmentalist Reveals the Inner Workings of the Movement

“Scientists, activists, and journalists—those are the three groups that have perpetuated so much of the misinformation.”

“…most mainstream environmental journalists are environmental activists who went into journalism to be activists.”

-Michael Shellenberger, environmental activist for 30 years and author of Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All (2020)

As heard on American Thought Leaders, “How Climate Hysteria Hijacked Environmentalism: Michael Shellenberger,” episode 379, August 1, 2020

I am never going back to listening or watching “interviews” in which the guest gets a few minutes to offer and explain his opinion. I always wondered how Conservatives could disbelieve climate change when the science was irrefutable. Ha! Climate change marketing is irrefutable; the science is fractured by multiple theories and disagreeing scientists. Environmentalism is not the simple battle of good vs. evil, messy vs. clean. A Whole Foods shopping trip will demonstrate the unsustainability of that type of healthy lifestyle.

In this episode of American Thought Leaders environmentalist and author Michael Shellenberger describes why:

  • Environmentalism is a disingenuous fad
  • Energy density determines the efficiency of an energy source (hint: solar and wind power are inadequate)
  • Environmental science is full of bias

If you are interested and knowledgeable about environmental issues, you probably should hear Shellenberger out. His thirty years of experience offers a more complete perspective.

Image from Internet Archive Book Images on flickr.

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