Words from the Heart

From an unexpected light source in the growing gloom.

It’s not just one pithy line. Watch the short video or read the text transcribed here by The Western Journal.

Pro-football player turned pro-baseball player Tim Tebow has an inspiring Twitter thread with 4.6 million followers. Yet, Twitter censored his July 27 tweet offering reassurance and hope in difficult times–a meaningful use of the platform. In it he reminds viewers about trials, God’s love, and our worth.

Is Twitter run by the Devil since mention of God or faith causes repulsion and censorship? It’s alarming to see metaphorical heads spin and projectile vomitous reactions (in Exorcist movie fashion, but believe me, don’t look it up) to Christian expressions of faith. If it makes a man better, helps a woman see her intrinsic worth, and holds people accountable for their actions, we need it.

And the Constitution protects both the “free exercise” of religion and freedom of speech.

It doesn’t make sense for a platform of expression to ban expressions of religion. Users are free to not follow Tim Tebow. While others use Twitter to express outrage, virtue signal, and coordinate riots, Tebow is illuminating the sea.

Featured image by Pexels from Pixabay.

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