Friday Reccy: 24 Golden Minutes on Values, Heroes, and Harmful Pop Culture

“Superman is the Hero We Need Right Now” by the Foundation for Economic Freedom on Youtube

“Anti-hero stories work when they actually make sense for the character and the world being portrayed. But blurring that line when it comes to the characters that are supposed to represent the best of humanity has done a lot of damage to the way people think about what it means to be good.

I think it’s time for that trend to end.

…we need better heroes and good role models, and we need stories and mythology to help us share these values with everyone.”

-from Out of Frame episode “Superman is the Hero We Need Right Now” on the Foundation for Economic Education YouTube channel, written & produced by Sean W. Malone

Like my other Friday recommendations, I only offer books, movies, podcasts, and videos worth your time. As a previous comic book and graphic novel fan, and a parent of teens, I became alarmed at the disturbing themes and storylines graphic novels use:

  • suicide and other forms of self-harm
  • sex
  • vivid depictions of rape and murder
  • depravity

After flipping though several graphic novels at the library several years ago, I was thankful my kids were not into them. I wouldn’t know how much had changed in young adult literature if I hadn’t glanced through the colorful books. We’re not prudes, we just rather avoid filling our minds with rubbish. For rare comic book entertainment, we like Peanuts, Garfield, and Dilbert.

This Out of Frame episode mainly addresses Superman, why he’s great, and what we can learn from him. The video is spectacular and well worth your time. Malone’s observations of Clark Kent’s character reminded me of my post about Carol Danvers and grit.

After viewing the video, you can look around with new eyes and recognize the unexpected heroes among us.

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