Fight Back

Fight back.

We are not a country that backs down from a fight.

Or hides from a bully.

If you:

  • Value truth
  • Care about your community and your country
  • Embrace your American opportunities and rights
  • Are proud to be an American

You are the underdog now.

You are the wimpy kid who needs to buck up and fight back.

Get our country back.

Send the crybabies and the agitators packing.

Life is too precious for fear and self-loathing.

That’s not who we are, America.

Stand your ground.

Defend your God-given rights and demand a return to the American way of life:

  • Expressing opinions fearlessly
  • Sharing ideas
  • Arguing good-naturedly over politics
  • Gathering to worship

Fight for what you believe.

Stand up for yourself, your sons and daughters, and the country we must preserve at all costs.

It’s not a concept or a theoretical battle anymore.

It’s today; it’s here. We risk following China, North Korea, Venezuela, and the Soviet Union into living Hell. We’re no better than them. It can happen here. We are lucky to have those countries as examples of Progressivism, Socialist policies, and Communist thought.

We know the end.


Why go there?

For now, we can climb out of the quicksand with a rope composed of hindsight and good ‘ol American pigheadedness.

Unless we use all our assets, all our faith, and all our damn obstinance,

  • Clean water
  • Air-conditioning
  • Flushing toilets
  • Dogs as pets, not food
  • Consumer choice of movies, phones, shoes…everything!
  • Free and cheap online education
  • An expanding job market with something for everyone
  • Numerous amateur sports and professional sports teams

IT ALL GOES AWAY in one generation. I’d be surprised if we lasted ten years this way. Our children will not remember a time before Thunderdome and Big Brother.

This is not a panicky climate change warning with moving goalposts and disputed—yes, disputed—conclusions.

We have proof of concept.


And again.

And again.

And again.

Unless we STOP THE CHAOS and jail the anarchists right now destroying our history, language, freedom, and schools,





You can see it happening all over the country in real-time. You don’t have to imagine the consequences.

Appeasement never works.

Take back your country, fellow Americans.

It’s time to value the land of freedom and opportunity as much as our ancestors or parents. They busted their asses to build a life so that one day we could live happy, free, and unfamiliar with the lack of necessities.

We owe it to our past and our future to be thankful and strong enough to hold on to Liberty.

How bad do you want it?

Respect your family’s sacrifices.

Respect yourselves.

Fight Back!

Image by ELLE RITTER from Pixabay

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