COVID-19 Masks Symbolize Fear and Silence

Universal masking is not for public safety; it’s to engender the public’s fear. Despite large COVID-19 case numbers, mortality remains lower than drunk driving, drowning, suicide, gun violence, heart disease, and the flu. Yet, governors and mayors continue to shut down businesses, churches, and sports.

The mask is a reminder to be afraid. Fearful people are easier to control and manipulate.

Oh, violence, property damage, and large public gatherings are okay because “black lives matter.” Where’s the science indicating virus particles avoid social justice warriors? Banning small funerals, in-car sermons, and Jewish playgrounds for public safety while encouraging BLM protests and riots is pure hypocrisy and religious persecution.

With our clean air, responsive healthcare system, and majority of non-smokers, COVID-19 is not the killer we dreaded. Pneumonia is more deadly to elderly patients.

Requiring the public to mask-up during the summer, around children, and while exercising or going to the beach, is meant to hold the country hostage to fear. Invisible and corrosive, fear defeats us without bullets.

As a result, we are alone in our homes watching marauders destroy meaningful monuments and shove, shoot, and stab eight-year-olds and grandpas.

Simultaneously, Leftists are having tantrums and encouraging nationwide PMS (yes, that emotional, hormonal roller-coaster many women are subject to every month). Businesses, tech companies, and colleges support race-based policies, while insane ideas are the operating norm.

Fear of COVID-19 (less harmful to public health than the flu) is causing us to hide while a wretched, vulgar few diminish and demolish the country.

This delicate personal protective item has become a symbol of fear and silence.

It’s extinguishing our instinct to FIGHT BACK.

Fellow citizens, from legacy Americans whose families built the country, to newer Americans who also sacrificed and toiled to build a better life, YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.

Personal responsibility

We can’t wait for our leaders to lead. Each of us must stand up for our beliefs and and lead within our own circle of influence as best we can. We cannot back away from this national crisis.

It’s not President Trump’s job anymore to save our country; it’s ours.

We, each citizen, must stop accepting second rate citizenship because of our race, religion, or politics.

Boldly live our values.

Vote out politicians working to break down our country.

Tell your politicians—who work for you—you demand equal application of the law, reinstatement of your inalienable rights, and religious freedom.

Talk to your kids about what they are learning in school and whether you agree.

Stop paying colleges to indoctrinate your children against you and your values. What are the clues:

  • Black-only dormitories
  • Free speech zones
  • Social justice administrators

Support the right to gather, sing, and pray.

Read the Constitution and take Hillsdale College’s free Constitution class.

ShyCityNXR on flickr

The garbage currents of communism and Leftism are strong.


Photo by Peri Stojnic on Unsplash

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