Robbed of Our Natural Rights

“Liberty is only possible to be established in the Founders’ minds, if the people are capable of supporting liberty and living according to the requirements of liberty.”

-Dr. Thomas G. West in Hillsdale College free Constitution course

My Hillsdale College Constitution class is so interesting! Because it’s the Fourth of July commemorating our country, I will share what I’m learning about its foundational document, the United States Constitution.

We are a very lucky people.

Who needs to know how our government is supposed to work?

  • Protesters
  • Convicts
  • College and high school students
  • Homeschoolers
  • Immigrants
  • Politicians

Belief in natural law and natural rights forms the philosophical foundation of the Constitution. Starting in 1710, colonists considered Natural Law Doctrine. It applies to everyone. Yes, EVERYONE. Take that 1619 Project!

Everyone has natural rights to freedom, liberty, and safety. Image from pxhere.

Later, the original states’ constitutions referred to citizens’ natural rights:

  • No one has the right to dominate anyone else
  • No one has the right to rule another
  • We are all born equal and are equally free
  • We have a natural right to liberty
  • We have the right not to be assaulted by another

The colonists fought the British over them. The Declaration of Independence referred to them:

“…to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…”

To that end, the job of government is to protect Americans, not Mexicans or Canadians, against harm to life, liberty, or property

  • -from external forces (using foreign policy and military)
  • -from fellow citizens (through making and enforcing criminal law)

There is no universal immigration within this framework because citizenship means agreeing to a social compact with each other

  • to form a government
  • to follow its laws
  • to protect each other’s rights

We make this agreement between ourselves, other Americans.

Photo by Mark K. on flickr

The Founders’ Conception of Law Enforcement applies to everybody, no matter class, race, or creed

  1. Equal protection
  2. Due process

“You have the right to create a free country, but you don’t always have the ability to. It depends on who lives there, and what their attitudes are, and how good their leadership is.”

-Dr. Thomas G. West in Hillsdale College free Constitution course


I’m angry.

I’m angry because our judges and politicians who swore on the Bible to uphold the Constitution don’t protect our natural rights or the Founders’ Conception of Law Enforcement.

Except for Senator Mazie Hirono, Hawaii politicians probably believe that everyone is equal and has the right not to be assaulted. But they don’t support their constituents’ right to liberty. If so, COVID-19 alarmists wouldn’t terrorize locals with “We’re all gonna die!” health regulations

  • Mandatory mask-wearing except when running or walking the dog
  • Universal COVID-19 testing at Hawaii airports (“Ineffective,” and “A waste of money,” say frontline healthcare workers)
  • Indefinite isolation, tracking, and quarantine of COVID-positive people for “public health” reasons (HB2502 State of Hawaii)

Be wary, this kind of legislation may be sneaking through in your state. Remember where the road paved with good intentions leads…

image by Scary Side of Earth on flickr

History shouts

Know who else uses immoral “public good” justification to do very bad things? Currently, Communist China tracks, tortures, and brainwashes millions of Muslims in concentration/labor camps, and harvests organs from thousands of living Falun Gong practitioners and Muslim prisoners. In the last century, Communist Russia starved and disappeared millions. Oh, and Nazi Germany.

Pish, you say, I’m overreacting!

Consider: prior to Germany’s descent into Jewish ghettos and death camps, they…were…us—the pinnacle of science, culture, technology, liberal values, and equal rights.

It can happen to any country if we don’t guard our rights and watch our leaders like they work for us. Oh, yeah, they do!

Where are our natural rights now?

Who is actually dominating others?

Leftists. And people who call themselves “Liberals” while holding the most intolerant, illiberal views of all.

Who is hiding their crosses, MAGA hats, and Trump stickers?

Conservatives and Trump supporters.

Who lost the right not to be assaulted by another?

  • Christians
  • Jews
  • Conservatives
  • Blacks in poor neighborhoods who are killed daily by other blacks
  • Liberals who don’t tow the party line
Photo by form PxHere

America, on our 244th birthday, look at where we are heading. We still have time to turn around.

Honor the good, honest, hard-working parts. Reject the hateful, crazy, ungrateful rest. We’ve politely given them enough time and attention.

No more.

Be like Henry Ford’s character in 12 Angry Men (1957) and turn your back to them. Don’t respond to their comments or tweets. Don’t argue with them. Don’t try to reason with them. Do tell them to leave. Now.

They’ll either come around.

Or they won’t.

The Left thrives on chaos, as Candice Owens said, and traditional media refuses to show truth or goodness in the American people. Leave their headspace, their chatrooms, their social media, their wild-eyed pinhole view of our country. Withdraw your money from their companies, and your energy from toxic relationships.

Step out into the light and the fragrant, clean air; look around you and behold our brilliant, kind, determined United States of America.

Happy Birthday, USA!

Featured photo by mohamed hassan from PxHere

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