Letter to My Representatives

I couldn’t stay silent any more. Local politicians (directly elected, unlike the President of the United States) should hear from their voter base often. We should tell them what we want. Otherwise, they only hear the loudest, blustery fringe, and they think that’s what we want.

Well, it’s not.

I wanted to keep rewriting, but I did my best.

Most people are too busy or too humble to write. But we cannot prioritize movies, games, and social media over communicating with our politicians. I sent all the letters in the mail hoping it will have a greater impact, but email works too.

Do what you can. Communicate. Help them represent your interests and values. They can’t know if we don’t tell them. The letter I sent today follows:

June 30, 2020

Dear Representative NAME,

Rather than applying to a specific bill, this letter is about a shared mindset of the common American.

Some people in my family are freaking out. The country is going down the tubes. The Left wants to pitch history and order. Nancy Pelosi won’t let Congress reconvene and represent the people. The news is actively avoiding fact-finding and investigative reporting to color in their Trump is the Devil narrative.

And what about Hawaii?

Will we become like Democrat-dominated California with homeless poop in front of Foodland and Longs, rolling blackouts, and an unrealistic minimum wage that ends small businesses and cuts entry-level jobs? Will poor fiscal management and an ill-conceived rail monstrosity end our piece of Heaven in the Pacific?

Did you know California has an ongoing $10.6 billion rail project that looks exactly like ours?

California high-speed rail projected cost $10.6 billion. Image from Los Angeles Times, Dec. 21, 2019
Hawaii rail, projected cost $8.2 billion. Image from American Infrastructure

Most locals think you don’t care about their concerns because they’re not connected or important enough. But I suspect that you do understand and care about regular folk just trying to get by.

Everyone hears the demands of the squeaky wheels. However, I want to remind you what most of your constituents, regular people, want:

  • Safety AND Police
  • In-person, accurate voting
  • Civics education and accurate history taught in school (NOT the 1619 Project)
  • NO BOYS in girls’ sports or locker rooms
  • LESS not more government
  • LOWER not higher taxes
  • MORE small businesses with supportive tax laws
  • No more excuses OR MONEY for schools that fail
  • EQUAL application of the law for both genders and all races and religions (enforce the 14th Amendment)
  • Enforce existing laws, don’t make more laws
  • We want Christmas BACK, Christmas trees, Christmas cards, Christmas greetings, and nativity scenes

We want to stop:

  • the hysteria –CDC data indicates the Wuhan Virus is less lethal than seasonal flu, so why stifle the American Way and our pursuit of happiness?
  • the corruption – news organizations lose credibility as they continue to lie and hide the truth about President Trump, the Wuhan Virus, and domestic terrorist organizations
  • the Communism – the recently closed Confucius Institute at the University of Hawaii was a Chinese Communist Party propaganda arm censoring information about Tibet, the Dalai Lama, and Taiwan
  • the hypocrisy – no church, graduation parties, or sports, but Black Lives Matter protests are ok?!
  • excuses for criminals

The squeaky wheels do not speak for all of us.

Excuses and lowered expectations are racism in the guise of good intentions. They teach victim mentality.

People do amazing things in harsh conditions. Let them.

Hawaii is the land where both immigrants and locals use hard work to make good every day. Not handouts or pity.

Please do what you can to help our state and our country survive and thrive. We do not have the luxury of ignoring these poisons any longer.

Thank you for stepping into the fray. Now please, hear us and act.


Wendi Lau

Featured image by the Official U.S. Navy Page on flickr.com.

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