Each One Teach One: Take a Free Constitution Class

If you watched the Glenn Beck video calling fellow Americans to speak up and work to bring the country back to sanity and kindness, you may remember he also urged us to learn about the Constitution.

Hillsdale College offers Constitution 101, a free and meaningful class taught by persuasive professors. Glenn Beck was the final nudge I needed to sign up. The first lesson addresses the purpose of the three branches and why it takes six years to completely vote out each regime. The Founding Fathers understood human nature and designed a government requiring deliberation and time, not passion and mobs, to change.

Professor Larry P. Arnn, one of the class instructors, is a Constitution champion. We are lucky for this opportunity. Class reading material includes The Federalist Papers (available from the library or Thrift Books) and downloadable pdfs. Instead of Netflix, YouTube, or your regular run (wasn’t sorry to skip that), insert golden Lifelong Learning time into your schedule. Only include worthy things: great books, great friends, great courses (and The Great Courses – currently 70% off!), and great moments with your family.

We must understand our government and our rights now. The Democratic Party, legislators, and judges all over the United States are working furiously to undermine the pillars of government and strip away our freedoms. Don’t let these vicious termites collapse our house.

They cannot take away our right to freedom, independence, and the pursuit of happiness, but they can punish people exercising those rights by altering the voting process and passing laws violating the Constitution. Currently, their main army consists of “social justice warriors” attacking anonymously, cowardly, and ignorantly.

We cannot remain free if we don’t learn our rights and history. Take the class. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Share your knowledge.

Title is from an African proverb, author unknown.

Photo by Rachel on Unsplash

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